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Morpheus8 is the first and only device in the world that acts on the subdermal body and facial tissue to treat cellulite and localized fat as well as to transform aged features and achieve a younger appearance. It is a fractional radio frequency that penetrates to a depth of 7 millimeters with an additional thermal profile of 1 millimeter and a programmable energy level. Morpheus8 has four interchangeable microneedle applicators made up of four heads to work on different areas of the face and body: 12 pins, 24 fixed pins at 0.5 mm for resurfacing action and 40 gold-coated Teflon pins that penetrate the subdermal tissue, coagulating the fat. and tightening connective tissue. Simultaneously, the RF energy generates subnecrotic heating of the dermis. It is a minimally invasive, safe and highly effective treatment with immediate and visible results from the first session.
When used in conjunction with FaceTite, Morpheus8 is the perfect solution for patients with laxity and skin surface irregularities. With this combination, we achieve immediate results and a progressive improvement over time.


Clinic Kam is here to remind you about the different injuries that can emerge practising any sport and the best way of preventing them, paying special attention to those produced in the ankles and the wrist. It is very common for people to think that a previous warm up before starting practising is not needed.

The most important thing to take into account is doing a correct warm up and stretching. Some people think that because some sports do not require running or big resistance, a warm up is not important, but that is wrong. Every sport and practice need its exercise which can be done differently. If we do this, it will be least likely for us to have any problem in the future. This will help our body prepare for the physical resistance that will be required after. It may also be a good idea if there is a previous injury trying the use of a wristband or wearing an ankle brace to reinforce this part of our body, so it will not be worsened practising of any sport.

Due to the importance of these two parts of our body, ankle and wrist, we must pay special attention. Any injury in those parts ends up being very painful. Our Clinic is expert in treating this, do not hesitate and come to visit if you feel the need.


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Bodytite, also known as radio-frequency assisted liposuction procedure, helps eliminate localized fat, remodeling the body. This is a minimal invasive technique, so its healing process is shorter than with other similar treatments. It also helps with the flaccidity of the skin after weight loss or due to the pass of time. The places where this treatment can be done are: arms, knees, thighs or abdomen. Clinic Kam guarantees results in the first day of beginning the treatment with a 15 minutes session per area.

With this procedure, it is not needed any surgery. It can be done from radio-frequency, which is done due to the coagulation of the soft tissue. With an external cannula, thermal signals are sent to the tissue, making the fat melt quick and evenly; as well as, it is produced a three-dimensional contraction of the dermis.


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Cellulites, also known commonly as dimply skin and medically known as edemato-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy, is a condition that affects the muscles areas, hip, abdomen and arms to the 70% of women. Technically, cellulitis is an inflammation in the subcutaneous skin due to malfunction of the blood circulation. This makes the skin look wrinkled.

There are some creams that may help prevent this to appear and even though, the most efficient treatment is physical exercise, Clinica Kam has a procedure for those cases that are harder to solve. It helps eliminating localized fat. Depending on the area, there are different method to take into account, such as corporal mesotherapy or bodytite, which we will be talking about soon


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There are many foot problems in children and teenagers that can affect them on a daily basis. Some of which are caused by the way they walk or how they support on their feet. Two of the most common anomalies are cavo foot and flat foot.


The first one is characterised for having a bigger arch on the foot’s sole, which causes severe pain and many limitations for children if it is not dealt with properly on time. The other one is flat foot, which is one of the most common anomalies. To try and correct this deformity, it is advisable the use of insoles or some other type of physiotherapy, but in some critical causes, the treatment required to fix it is surgery. In Kam Clinic, we are experts on dealing with these problems, so do not hesitate and visit us if you think your child could have one of these problems.


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Narcolepsy is a chronic sleep disorder that is characterized for having overwhelming drowsiness at daytime, even attacks of sleep which provoke troubles keeping awake. It also causes the sudden loss of muscle tones, also known as cataplexy, that can be experienced by having an intense emotion. There are two types: the narcolepsy that have cataplexy is known as type 1, and the one that has not experienced these attacks are known as type 2.


There are no specific root causing this disease, but type 1 narcolepsy is known for having low levels of hypocretin, which is a substance in the brain that helps regulate the wakefulness. The most frequent symptoms are sleepiness at daytime, sudden loss of muscle tones (if there is cataplexy), sleep paralysis and even hallucinations. This disease can produce different complication in a daily routine, such as: physical harm (for instance, if you suffer an attack while you are making lunch), overweight, misunderstanding of these conditions, etc.


Narcolepsy is a problem that has no cure, but there are different treatments that can help control the symptoms in order to have a life without any changes


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Facial mesotherapy is a very simple, cheap and safe treatment that consists on the application of micro injections in the skin of different elements that are used to hydrate the skin, so it helps the wrinkles. It is applied, mainly, in face, neck, neckline and hands. The different substances that are introduced in the skin are: hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, amino-acid, etc. which help the skin look healthier and younger.


There are different types:


  • Tightening effect: helping the skin keep its structure.
  • Hydrating effect: the hyaluronic acid is used to help the skin giving it hydration and it stimulates the collagen production.

Luminous effect: it prevents the facial ageing and toning of the skin


December 26, 2019 KamNew Technology0

Plexr is a new plasma technique dedicated to the facial rejuvenation, but it was never used before until now. Mainly, it is in charge of making some parts of your face and body look younger. Plexr is a plasma generator that through a laser, fights against facial ageing and eyelids (this last process is also known as blepharoplasty). This treatment allows doctors to attend to the excess of skin and wrinkles. The good thing of it is that you can see improvement in the moment that the patient has their first session.


Even though, there are some things to take into consideration before doing this surgery, for example, not to be exposed to direct sun light for a long period of time and wash the areas two or three times a day, there is no other problem bound to this procedure. It is not something dangerous  and there is no surgery, other than injecting tiny needles in your skin. For this reason, there is no complication in this process.


December 19, 2019 Kamrejuvenation0

Facial peelings are one of the most common procedures to do these days, due to the recommendation of no exposure to direct solar radiation, winter is the ideal time to go through this beauty treatment.

It consists of the elimination of one or more layers of skin, in a controlled way, in order to help creating a new layer with less wrinkles and spots. This is done using different chemical substances, on its own or combined with others, depending on our patient’s problem. In Kam Clinic, we ensure you the best results, so your face will look more luminous. It also helps the skin to look younger, clean and homogeneous. It eliminates spots that might appear due to acne or solar exposure. Furthermore, it is very advisable to do on problematic skin types. It stimulates the elimination of bacteria, that can be originated on these types, as well as controlling the oils on your face.


December 12, 2019 Kamrejuvenation0

Fractora treatment helps ageing effects and regain the skin’s elasticity. It is used to reduce wrinkles, acne scaring, improve your skin tone and texture. In Clinic Kam, we ensure that you will obtain a younger and brighter look in one session. This method can be used in any problematic area that needs a skin renovation, but the ones that our clients request the most are: eyelids, expression lines, around the nose area, wrinkles of the forehead and neck. Due to the fact that the most common areas where the face presents these problems, are the neck and face, these are the ones that are more requested.


Its advantage is that it is a very little invasive treatment, using micro needles, which helps to provide the best results in no time as well as not needing much to complete its healing process. This is why it makes it ideal if you want to show your best self in Christmas.

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